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International School Valencia – Mammolina Montessori

Mammolina Montessori is a truly international school, and we feel privileged to say that we have attendees from all over the world in our classes at any time.

Students from Spain, the United States, Ukraine, France, Germany, England, Poland, Lithuania, and many other countries attend our school to learn and develop with us, and we truly appreciate the diversity that this brings to our learning community.

There are many benefits associated with your child attending an international school. We summarize some of the key points here:

international school valencia

Benefits of International Schooling

    • The first point to mention is the growing interconnectedness and interdependence of countries, cultures, and economies. International schools have a diverse range of students representing many nationalities and cultures. Exposing your child to such diversity at a young age allows them to develop cultural awareness and sensitivity. In an increasingly interconnected world, the ability to interact with, and understand different people and cultures is a vital life skill.
    • Following on from the above point is language skills, Mammolina Montessori offers multi-lingual education (English, French, and Spanish), and being exposed to numerous other languages from the other students gives children a true language immersion at a young age, again, a valuable skill to have in a globalized, modern world as it opens up opportunity for travel and work later in life as well as vital, professional experiences and development.
    • Global education is guaranteed at Mammolina Montessori. Our team of educators are all experienced in multi-lingual and multi-cultural environments. The Montessori methodology advocates class sizes of 25 to 35 children spanning 3 age levels and with 2 Montessori teachers who may be complemented by an assistant (Please note that at Mammolina, our classes are a maximum of 25 children with 2 guides). Montessori classes are organized to encompass a three-year age span, which allows younger students to experience the daily stimulation of older role models, who in turn blossom in the responsibilities of leadership. Students not only learn “with” each other, but “from” each other. The best teacher of a three-year-old is often another child who is just a little bit older and has mastered a skill. This process is good for both the tutor and the younger child.
Some of our students serving food at our international family picnic
international school picnic
  • Customized curriculum and facilities, private international schools have more flexibility in their curriculum and equipment than traditional/other schools. At Mammolina Montessori we take a lot of pride in our Montessori environment, materials, and working areas which complement our multi-lingual Montessori curriculum.
  • As well as the educational benefits mentioned above, our international school has a very simple entrance process, which is much less complex for international families than entering the public school system. All that is required is international insurance and a passport, this means that you can be assured that your child will be quickly enrolled in the school.

Contact us today if you have any questions or to arrange a visit of the school, we look forward to welcoming you.