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Hours and fees

The enrollment of your child at Mammolina Montessori is an investment in your child’s development and happiness, both now and in the future. We believe that education is not just about teaching knowledge, it is about nurturing your child’s potential and curiosity as well as instilling a life-long love of learning. In our Montessori environment, the children don’t just learn, they explore, understand, and discover the world in ways that traditional education cannot replicate.

We are very competitively priced when you compare our fee’s to other private schools in and around Valencia, and we offer an environment and education level that are unique in this region.

Please take a moment to read about our team of Montessori guides in order to understand the specializations of our staff.

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childrens house

Children’s House (3-6 years old)

Monthly fee (10 months per academic year)

Full day (9-16h): 575€ p/m, 515€ for siblings
Half day (9-13h): 400€ p/m

Primary (6-12 years old)

Monthly fee (10 months per academic year)

Full day (9-16h): 630€ p/m, 565€ for siblings

Includes all tuition and teaching materials, teacher and parent meetings, and some extra events such as our international picnic for parents and children.

Admission and Enrollment Fee  (non refundable)

390€ siblings and from 2nd year

Read the full details of the Admission and Enrollment process.

Complementary services:

Ecological Catering Service: Brecol – 125€ p/m