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Useful Links

Here we share links to useful resources both about Montessori education and also re-locating to, and living in Valencia and Spain. We are not affiliated with any of these organizations, we are simply sharing useful websites that we have discovered.

Montessori references:

International Montessori Association

An online resource for anyone interested in Montessori education and also an excellent place for teachers to find details of Montessori training programs.

The Wikipedia page contains some interesting details about the history of Montessori education as well as the educational philosophy of the method.

Montessori Para Todos

A leading Spanish online retailer which specializes in Montessori equipment and Toys.

Montessori Global Growth Fund

The Montessori Global Growth Fund (MGGF) is a registered public charity that aids under-resourced communities worldwide.

The Montessori Association of Spain website is a communication tool that allows connection between people and entities that feel aligned with the principles and values of Education created by Maria Montessori.

Trillium is a website of Montessori experiments and collections, as well as a source of resources, podcasts, courses, and professional forums.

The American Montessori Society is a hub for all things Montessori: an information center for over 18,000 members, the media, and the public.

The Center for Guided Montessori Studies (CGMS), with a major Montessori teacher certification program, was founded in 2006 to make Montessori teacher training more effective and accessible.

Catherine L’Ecuyer is a researcher and the author of many academic publications on Montessori education, as well as several books and articles on the subject of education in general.

Relocating to Spain:

This site has a dedicated page with an essential checklist for relocating to Spain.

Mumabroad has a very detailed page which is titled as “The Ultimate Family Guide: Moving to Spain“. Covering everything from opening a bank account, to relocating with cats and dogs, an excellent page for families considering moving to Spain.

Internations is the words largest online Expat community and has a comprehensive guide on moving to Spain.

Also, Valencia was voted the worlds best city for Expats in 2022 by Internations, please read the full details here: has a detailed overview about the Spain Digital Nomad Visa which was launched in January of 2023.

Valencia specific information:

TravelSpain24 has an excellent,impartial guide about the pros and cons of living in Valencia.

Ajuntament de Valencia

The website of the Valencia Town Council, this website is only available in Valencian or Castellano (Spanish) however, your web browsers translation facility or Google translate should allow you to understand it if you do not speak either of the local languages.


Wikitravel has a lot of detailed information about things to see and do both in and around Valencia.

relocating to valencia

Valencia Metro Map

A map of the Valencia metro, you will see that La Canyada (line 2), where Mammolina Montessori is located is very easily commutable from the City centre.

Spanish Tutors and Schools:

Eva English/Spanish Teacher +44 7707 057877

La Canyada Ayuntamiento: Women´s Association: Free Spanish

Spanish Language Community Resources

Please note: We do not produce any of the content on these 3rd party websites and so take no responsibility for the information on them being up to date and correct.