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Admission and Enrollment process

1. Parent Meeting and School Tour

The first step in our admissions process is to make a reservation for a school tour with our School Director. This is an opportunity to observe the school in session and converse about the Montessori methods and principles our school follows, and enrollment possibilities. It will help families determine if MMIS is a school in which their child will thrive. All tours must be scheduled in advance.



2. Application and parents’ questionnaire

Once the tour is completed an application for admission and a request for transcripts form may be submitted.
Regarding the parent’s questionnaire and previous report, the focus of the teacher’s questions will be about your child’s personality and specific academic achievements.
The information shared will assist our teachers in making the best classroom placement for your child.

3. Admission Decision

The Director and teacher will confer to determine the appropriateness of the enrollment based on the admissions criteria and the child’s readiness, his/her potential for a positive interaction with the class, and the family’s commitment to the program. All decisions will be communicated by the Director.
If there is not an immediate opening for a new student (or if a young child is not quite ready to start school) then his/her name can be added to our waiting list.

4. Enrollment

Once the application is admitted, the family will be informed of the steps to formalize the enrollment: Signing of the school contract, and yearly registration and security deposit payment.