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Mammolina Parent Association

At Mammolina Montessori we feel both proud and privileged to have an active and energetic parent association that provides excellent events, support and communication to the parents of our students.

The Mammolina Parent Association (MPA) was established with the objective of strengthening our relationships among parents and making the most of the wonderful support and great ideas that our diverse International community of families brings to Mammolina Montessori.

Parents, students and school leaders have the opportunity to work together to enrich students’ educational experience. The MPA is guided by the Constitution created by parents in collaboration with the school leaders. The MPA Constitution is supported by a clear Mission, Values and Beliefs.

The members of the MPA are volunteers that act as a voice and a support for the whole community of families who are all members. The hope is the benefit of membership is felt by the children, families and school.

Take a look at some screenshots from the most recent MPA newsletter to get an idea of the events and communication that the parent association organizes.

mammolina parent association

Newsletter Number 1

class photos

Class Photos

Class photos are an amazing way to preserve the memory of your child’s time with us here at Mammolina Montessori.

Forest Cleanup

Spending time in nature and also helping to clean up the forest is a part of the Montessori ethos and is very satisfying as well.

forest clean up
conscious adult and conscious child

Conscious Adult, Conscious Child Workshop

The conscious adult, conscious child workshops ensure that all parents are fully aware of, and practicing the Montessori approach to parenting to ensure that their child gets the very best from the Montessori methodology  that is implemented at Mammolina.

Forest School Club

Multi-sensory experiences in nature can help to reduce stress, improve concentration, and enhance emotional regulation.

forest school club