A native of Valencia, and the founder and director of Mammolina Montessori, Cristina has a degree in Business Administration and Management from the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.  With work experience in both the social and educational sectors, she has collaborated with various organizations such as UNICEF Spain, Save the Children Foundation and Obra Social “la Caixa”. Furthering her studies, she has postgraduate training in children’s rights, ethical-civic education and most recently as a Montessori guide for both Children’s House and Primary education up to 12 years old.

As the mother of Jimena and Pelayo, ages 7 and 4 years old, I have experienced Montessori education firsthand while at the same time deepening my knowledge of the methodology through postgraduate studies. Without a doubt, my children have been and continue to be my best teacher.  

I have learned how meeting the child at eye-level is a fundamental part of the Montessori pedagogy, just as the importance of understanding our role as guides are in the relationship with the child.

In order to get the most out of a Montessori based education, the method and approach needs to be fully integrated into the curriculum and pedagogy.  The school, the outdoor space, the materials and guidance all work together like a symphony to create a uniquely nurturing educational experience for the children. And, while Montessori education is now over 100 years old, its approach and application is sufficiently open to incorporating new knowledge in the field of child psychology and development.


Administration and Management Support


With a degree in Business Administration and Management and Masters in Data Analytics from EDEM, she has experience both in multinational companies, such as IVI Valencia, The Bank of New York Mellon, and in startups such as Flit2go.  She is interested in the world of education and is looking forward to being a part of the Mammolina team.


Extracurricular activities and Culture


From Detroit, Michigan, USA, David completed his Bachelors of Music in Double Bass Performance at Rice University in Houston, Texas in 2001. From a family of artists: his father, a bassist in the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, his mother, a dance teacher and arts administrator, his eldest sister, a Broadway actress/musician, his youngest sister, an art teacher, and his wife, Jaimie, a ballet teacher and choreographer, arts and culture have always been infused in his life. He has performed with many world-class orchestras including the National Arts Center Orchestra, Detroit Symphony Orchestra, The St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, and the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

He moved to Valencia, Spain in 2006 as an original member of the Orquesta de la Comunitat Valenciana, under the direction of Lorin Maazel, and he continues to perform there. David and Jaimie have two children, Milo and Sylvie, who are in Mammolina Montessori. David joins the Mammolina team to help bring enriching and diverse extracurricular activities and events to the school.




Currently in charge of communications at the Institute of Chemical Technology, a joint research center at the Polytechnic University of Valencia and the Higher Council for Scientific Research, Katya has a bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences and a Masters in Marketing and Multimedia Applications for the Internet.

She has worked previously as a journalist for Televisa and TV Azteca, in Mexico City, in international public relations, and at Petróleos Mexicanos PEMEX, leading various projects in communications and culture. She was the founder of the international Pemex online project and helped to establish it in Valencia in 2008.


Children’s House


After 7 years of experience in children’s classrooms in England and stays in Montessori schools in Seychelles and Cambodia, Ana has been the English speaking guide in the Children’s House at the International Montessori School of Valencia (today Mammolina Montessori) since 2019. A lifelong child educator, originally from Córdoba, She has a degree in Childhood Education from the Universidad de Córdoba, with a diploma in Montessori pedagogy from MCI (Montessori Center International) in London, and training in educational neuroscience.


Children’s House


Celine is mother of a teenager, preschool teacher, and Montessori guide. She received her training in Ireland in 1999 and has worked in several Irish Montessori Schools before traveling the world for one year to broaden her pedagogical knowledge. She spent nine years at an early childhood school in Comunidad Valenciana that she transformed into a Montessori environment. Since 2007, she has been dedicated to sharing her passion for the Montessori philosophy in universities, schools and associations through her courses, which she has taught in different Spanish cities, Portugal, Italy, Chile, Argentina, Peru and Uruguay.



From France, he has been responsible for the bilingual English-French primary group for the last two years at the International Montessori School of Valencia, today Mammolina Montessori. He has a degree in Childhood Education from the Université Caen Normandie, a Masters in Biology and Sustainable Development and did his Montessori training at the Chilean Montessori Academy. After three years working at the Ecole Le Trampoline in Peru as a Montessori guide and Director of Pedagogy, he returned to Europe to continue teaching.



Originally from Hawaii, she has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Northeastern University in Boston.  Since 2019, she has been responsible for the Primary class at the International Montessori School of Valencia, today Mammolina Montessori.  She brings a broad range of experience to Mammolina, from having taught environmental education programs at the Hawaii Nature Center, as a lab technician in an endocrinology research lab, operating a small farm in Maine for sheep wool production, substitute teaching AP-level high school biology classes, to working for three years at the Children’s House Montessori School in Maine in both the Children’s House as an assistant teacher, and as a lead teacher in the Primary classroom. Kate has received her Montessori teacher training from MACTE (Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education). Furthermore, she is certified in mindfulness practices for educators through Wake Up Schools.


Children’s House Assistant

Primary Spanish and Valenciano

Having worked at IMSV (now Mammolina Montessori) since its inception in 2015, Lorena has a degree in Early Childhood and Primary Education. With ten years of experience as an early childhood educator and six years as a Primary education teacher, she has trained in Primary school Montessori education through the International Montessori Institute Barcelona. Outside of the classroom, Lorena has done several half marathons and triathlons among other long distance sports events and she trained for 15 years in classical ballet in the Royal Academy of Dance method. She is also fluent in: Spanish, French and Valencian.